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Published On November 27, 2012 | By Brad @ fifteen52 | Focus TrackSTer, The Cars

We don’t mind saying this is the build we’re looking forward to the most. With the TrackSTer we get to indulge more of the hardcore performance-based fantasies we’ve had since learning the Focus ST was coming to North America, and even better, we actually tricked convinced Ford they need to let us go a little nuts with at least one of them. Something about how demographic studies show that potential ST customers really like this sort of thing, and how we’ll be demonstrating how capable the car is at handling 2x the factory power rating, etc., etc…

Joking aside, we have some pretty cool plans for the TrackSTer. For example, the car is simply going to look bad-ass; it’ll be lower, wider, and one hell of a lot louder. The interior will be all business, but not too stark. We’re not going to give away here all the details regarding how we’ll accomplish those aforementioned things, but we will say we plan to justify pretty much every change we make with a goal toward using them to positively affect performance. And should we find ourselves at all unsure about how successfull we’ve been in reaching our performance goals, we’ve got Ken Block looking over our shoulders and ready to remove all doubt. Increased engine output, finding better ways to get power to the ground, fade-free brakes, versatile suspension components, functional exterior modifications – all of these goals are integral to the TrackSTer’s mission statement: Ultra high performance in a track-ready but still streetable package.We’ve arranged for some top aftermarket companies to help us make the TrackSTer become something truly special, and we definitely plan to go to the Ford Racing performance well whenever possible. So far we’ve been pretty successful in convincing Ford that what we’re doing here makes good sense – would we be pushing our luck in suggesting we’d like to borrow a few things from the Focus ST-R race car spec sheet?

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  1. Dakota Cooper says:

    I honestly don’t understand why people ain’t commenting on these posts. I’m definitely interested in the TrackSTer for i want to give my ST a wider stance for optimum traction in the mountains. Hurry up and get on with it boys lol

  2. Marco Vieira says:

    I’m really looking forward to all of the work you guys will be doing! Keep us updated!

  3. I am interested in the TrackSTer’s rear end. That rear end lower skirt is hot looking. Is that already available or was that built for the TrackSTer?

  4. Joseph Meaux says:

    This is a great project. You have to do a complete write-up on EVERYTHING you guys did.

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