Top Gear’s Ultimate Hot Hatch Test

Published On December 6, 2012 | By Jared Robinson | Review, ST Battle

If you’re a petrolhead, you probably read Top Gear or watch the television shows. If you’re from America, you generally read articles like this longing for the ability to purchase one of these exotic-over-there cars. In this shootout, Top Gear has the Stig run out the new Focus ST against the Volkswagen GTI (the Europe-only Edition 35 GTI which makes an additional 35hp over the US GTI) and two cars not available on these shores: the Vauxhall Astra GTC VXR and their most recent top-hatch choice, RenaultSport Megane RS265 Cup.

“Actually, this might work in our favour. I throw the Focus keys into the ST, and he [the Stig] stalks after them… It’s a match made in heaven. As far as I can deduce, Stig appears to be eyeing the little box lovingly – digital communication is clearly occurring… A moment later, there’s a roar, tyre smoke and a rapidly disappearing Tangerine Scream Focus. I momentarily feel sorry for it.”

Not trying to give away the results… but the above picture kinda sums it up.

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  1. Atomixdjniel says:

    AnthonyL 1 – The polo has been around logner than the fiesta (current models)2 – Its a WRC car. You could say that ___ copied ___ with all of them. Its like saying Chevy copied Ford in nascar or Ferrari copied Mercedes in F1. Is it not supposed to have fender flares or large intakes? I will give you that the colors are similar. As far as the front fascia, VW has had that look since the Thunderbunny golf and the TDI jetta racers. Actually we could say that the fiesta has taken design cues from the polo and golf, but I wont 😉 September 15 2011 at 12:48 PM +4 rate up rate down

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