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Published On April 16, 2018 | By Bill MacKenzie | Fiesta Sriracha, KW/ST, Official Three Twenty

It’s Project Sriracha’s turn for an update today, with a proper look at the new suspension and wheels it received as part of its original build-up!

It was noted in a previous post but it’s worth mentioning again; Sriracha’s first round of modifications all took place in a span of about 10 weeks, so all areas were being worked on at the same time. As such the wheels and height adjustment were already ‘previewed’ in prior Project Sriracha updates, but in today’s post we’ll look at them in a bit more detail.

Marios Tarmacs 8

Over the few years that he had been building up Ketchup (his Focus ST), Mario had sampled a few different suspension setups. When it was brand new it was mildly dropped on some springs – I believe that was when he still thought that it would stay relatively stock, but that’s beside the point. Later on in the build those were switched out for coilovers so that he could drop it further, but when Project STanced was parted out he had the opportunity to change things up again. STanced’s air suspension was shipped to Canada and we installed it over a (very) cold weekend a few winters ago.

Sriracha Wheels 6

The air system proved to be a ton of fun, and of course was very practical too, so air was considered when planning out the first phase of Sriracha’s build; after after some more consideration however Mario decided to hold off on that, for the time being at least. He instead decided that to start things off he’d go back to coilovers, so with them chosen as the method of lowering he picked up a set from ST (as in ST/KW) – a common choice amongst our group of friends.

Sriracha Wheels 2

The new coilovers would address the issue of his YO LOW license plate being on a non-lowered car, but there was still the second half of the stance equation; wheels and tires. This is where Mario decided to switch things up and instead of ordering Tarmacs or Turbomacs as many predicted he would, he ordered both! Or more accurately, a pair of each. He ordered them in the same colour (silver) and sizing (17×8) but went with the two pairs so that he could have Turbomacs on the front of the Fiesta with the Tarmacs out back. There’s actually a method to his madness here: the Turbomac is a Tarmac engineered to have an outer “turbo” ring designed to exhaust hot air from inside the wheel well. So running these up front gives Sriracha a bit of that old Group B vibe where those monster rally cars from the ’80s often ran bolt-on turbo fans on the front wheels. It has proven to be a real head-turner and has helped to make the mini ST more recognizable as his.

Sriracha Wheels 8

As for tires, the sizing of the new shows allowed Mario to reuse his OE rubber – Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3s in a 205/40R17 sizing. As Sriracha was still only a matter of weeks old at this point the tires had barely been used, so it made sense to get some more mileage out of them! Due to timing the new wheels were mounted first, with the coilovers then being installed a couple of days later.

Sriracha coilovers 6Sriracha coilovers 5

The reason for waiting was that we then had free access to a hoist at Mario’s dealership, as it was the weekend and the shop was clear. We had done enough suspension swaps on jackstands before; having a hoist this time around was a really nice step up!

Sriracha coilovers 7Sriracha coilovers 4

With the car in the air, in no time at all the new ST coilovers were in place both front and rear and the ride height was getting dialed in.

Sriracha Wheels 12Sriracha coilovers 9

With the altitude at an agreeable amount, Sriracha was then rolled over to the wash bay for a quick rinse and we could all step back and admire the new look of the car. In the above photo you’ll notice that one of the bump strips was missing (both rear doors’ pieces were in fact, as you’ll see below) – this was just before the new decals were installed in place of them, as shown in Sriracha’s last post.

Sriracha coilovers 20Sriracha coilovers 11

With the coilovers and wheels taken care of, Sriracha was now a fairly well-rounded car and Mario was having plenty of fun with it. Despite the number of modifications already made to it by this point however, there were still more plans for the little ST and since this first round of the build it has seen a fair bit more attention, especially under the hood. For more on that however, you’ll just have to wait for its next update here on Project ST!

-Bill @ officialTHREETWENTY

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