Speedhunters Visits the HRD HQ

Published On March 1, 2014 | By Brad @ fifteen52 | Focus Block STyle, Hoonigan Racing Division, Media, News, Project Partners, The Cars, Uncategorized

Possibly the best article to date written about the new Hoonigan Racing headquarters in Park City, Utah, this piece by Speehunters’ Keith Charvonia is totally worth a read.


We do know the feature most definitely includes the most comprehensive portfolio of quality pics (by Sean Klingelhoefer) we’ve ever seen – and that includes the ones we’ve taken ourselves.


The article covers the front area, where all the cool display stuff is, along with the offices for all the HRD people; and the second half of the feature is devoted to the garage and shop area – the real heart and soul of the place.


We mentioned cool displays and we’d be slacking if we didn’t take special care to point out that Project ST takes center stage in the form of KB’s personal ride – the PST Focus Block STyle.


Head over to Speedhunters for the full feature and all of Sean’s awesome pics.


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