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Published On April 24, 2017 | By Jeff Hall | Events, Mountune

A couple weeks ago we had the pleasure to participate in Mountune’s Spring Meet at their headquarters here in Carson, California. We were excited not only because of our close connection with Mountune but also for another chance to show our bad-ass Focus TrackSTer, see some of our customers’ builds, and give to people a look at our newest cast wheel, the Formula GT.

fiesta line up

The Fiesta turnout was strong! Nearly the whole front parking section was dedicated to this 1.6-liter hot-hatch. It’s amazing how versatile these cars can be. In this photo alone we have straight stock, a rally setup with a GT style wing and rally lights, a low-slung canyon-carver with an incredible blue vinyl wrap (which you may have seen here and on The Smoking Tire), and a gutted 300-hp big-turbo track monster!

blue fiesta turbomac

The Focus crowd did not disappoint, either, especially when it comes to the new RS – with one specific car being my personal favorite of the show. There is something so special in having a meet like this. It brings what people would view as similar cars together and gives you a chance to see how different you can make them. From the smallest details, like different splitters or accents to different wings and wheels.

rear focus line up

Since so many ST/RS cars were going be in attendance, we felt it was perfect timing to bring out the TrackSTer. Since debuting at the Chicago International Auto Show in 2013, it really set the foundation for what a Focus could be. Of course, it also help kickstart our relationship with Mountune. This car’s 400-hp engine was fully built by Mountune and is currently being taken care of by them. Not only that, but they brought their own company Focus RS. With a few supporting power/suspension mods it really did stand out, but I can’t help but think it is due to the new 19×8.5 fifteen52 Formula GTs it was sporting…


But really who couldn’t help but stare at these two?


My show favorite mentioned above, and definitely a big eye catcher, was a bright yellow Focus RS. I liked it so much not because it was slammed with a crazy body kit or a total track car, which are usually my favorites, but because of the total direction and dedication he went with such a ’90s show car feel. From the matching yellow body, wheels, and interior to the rainbow neons, the car just (literally) screams awesome.

yellow neon RS

It wasn’t just a Focus/Fiesta show. Not one but two versions of a car that I have never seen in person, were in attendance: The Ford Escort Cosworth. It’s a personal all-time favorite and seeing two up close was a huge deal for me. These cars just demand attention, and with that rear wing it’s kind of hard not to.

green cosworth front

When the first one rolled in it caught everyone’s attention. With a history like these cars have you definitely need to check it out when you can…Then the second one came in.

It’s one of those moments where you are just dumbfounded. Something as rare as these. Not one but two showing up and in immaculate condition! These Fords were definitely ahead of their time, with such aggressive styling and aero. But with these I can’t forget what Mountune had in their showroom – a MK1 Ford Escort RS. With a screaming NA motor, a shaved engine bay, and who could forget that stunning blue paint job, it is just an absolute beauty!

classic escort shot

If you ever have a chance and want to upgrade your car I definitely recommend stopping by and checking out Mountune’s USA office. It’s really a feast for the eyes, and when it comes to style, taste, and overall decor, it’s truly a cut above any other automotive showroom we know of. Not only do they have a MK1 Escort in their showroom but there’s all kinds of racing memorabilia, products, and free-standing engines. And honestly if you could, wouldn’t you want an engine display in your living room?

main office shot

Along with the car show a small raffle was held for everything from t-shirts and hats to performance part upgrades, and when you do something like that it definitely draws a large crowd of hopefuls. With such a large crowd only a few were able to walk away with a win. Regardless of that, everyone was very high energy and enthusiastic.

Raffle shot

A huge thanks from us at Project ST/RS to Mountune for putting this on and putting our cars and wheels front and center. If you have the chance you definitely need to attend the next Mountune meet. Plenty of awesome cars and like-minded people showing off their personal style and taste. What else could you ask for?

birds eye view

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