History Lessons

Published On November 4, 2012 | By fifteen52 | Articles

Make sure you check out our Historic Small Fords In Motorsports series.

Ford has a rich heritage of campaigning many different small cars in many different competition series, and most of these cars were based on production models. Those of us in North America didn’t have access to many of them, so in this article series we’re going to do our best to highlight some of the more remarkable examples.

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2 Responses to History Lessons

  1. John says:

    Ya, those Ford Escorts were bad ass. They even got the Cosworth Treatment in the RS! Awesome engine!

    • Jared Robinson says:

      There’s going to be quite a bit of Escort articles as there was quite a lot of Escorts. Hell, there’s 4 major Mk1 Escort variants: The Escort Twin Cam, the RS1600, the RS2000 and the RS Mexico.

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