Focus ST Tops Road & Track 3-way Shootout

Published On November 5, 2012 | By fifteen52 | Media, ST Battle

Ford’s new Focus ST came out on top in Road & Track s latest (October 2012) comparison test between the Focus ST, Volkswagen GTI and Mazdaspeed3. Titled “Thunder Hatches”, R&T took the three cars on a 3-day journey around Ohio over the summer.

“There’s hero in their souls, even if their sheet metal is blisteringly ordinary and there are baby-seat tethers in back. They made rushing through cornfields feel like a gallop through the Alps.”

The Focus ST came out far on top besting its competition in all performance categories, as well as many of their subjective ratings; including driving excitement, steering, engine, brakes, handling, styling seats, and ergonomics. The GTI came in 2nd, a full 22 points behind.

Road & Track writer John Pearly Huffman sums up the Focus ST brilliantly:
“Ford’s new Focus ST is a starship amongst suborbital dinghies. It backs up its sci-fi looks with an EcoBoost engine that shreds time and space. It dominated every performance category in this test except observed fuel economy, and did so in a way that’s both confident and entertaining. This is the new high performance standard against which any other mass-produced car with a 4-cylinder engine will be judged.”

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