Focus ST Fits Your Family (And Your Family Fits In It)*

Published On December 11, 2012 | By Jared Robinson | Articles, Tech

Are you a responsible parent? Do you love your children enough to buy them a new Focus ST? Maybe your significant other thinks that it’s not a good car for baby and toddler? Maybe you have a GIANT Recaro convertible seat? Still don’t think it’ll fit? What would you say if we told you that not only will it fit, but it’ll fit rear-facing in the center and with the front seats all the way back? Check out this article from

Sure, you ambitious parents with three-plus kids are going to have to invest in one of the other great Fords that can hold three car seats (like the C-Max, Fusion, Taurus, Escape, Edge, Flex, Explorer or soon-to-be-released 2014 Ford Transit Connect Passenger), but for all those other families with one or two kids, saddle-up the family Camcord, head on over to your local Ford dealer and get your name on the Focus ST list. Your kids will love the array of available bright colors. Thinking a more subtle color palette better suits family transportation? Fair enough, but you try explaining to your kid why you’re driving around in some beige-mobile when other (cooler) parents are driving their kids around in bright orange, blue and red cars.

You need this, your family needs this – you deserve this…especially when you see that it handles any variety of car seats; safely transporting your family and you. And maybe after you drop the kids off at school, you leave them in a cloud of smoke? Kids love burnouts**.

*Assuming your family is two adults and two children. Or maybe four adults. Dogs count too.

**Not really. You’ll get detention. Please hoon responsibly

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