Fiesta STreets: Cup Spoilers

Published On February 2, 2016 | By Brad @ fifteen52 | Articles, Fiesta STreets, Tech, The Cars

When we built the Focus TrackSTer, one of the highlight mods was the pair of extended “cup spoilers” seen on that car’s lower front bumper. Playing off the existing bumper lines but in a more aggressive manner, the feedback for those pieces was definitely of the “take my money now” variety. We put them into production and to date we’ve sold hundreds of kits worldwide.


With the Fiesta ST having such similar front bumper details as its bigger brother, it’s no surprise that we’ve since created a fifteen52 Cup Spoiler kit for that car as well. Similar to the Focus kit, the Fiesta ST Cup Spoiler kit is made from the same almost indestructible OE-quality urethane material and attaches just as simply.


For pricing and ordering info please visit the fifteen52 site here




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