Block STyle

Published On October 13, 2012 | By fifteen52 | Focus Block STyle, The Cars

The Block STyle Focus is Ken Block’s next daily driver.

KB drives a race car professionally and simply doesn’t need his daily driver to be a balls-to-the-wall fire breathing monster. In fact, he appreciates a car that, while incredibly fun to drive, gives him the peace of mind to know it will be as reliable as the OE version and still serviceable at any Ford dealership across the country. So while we’ll certainly still be tweaking the style and performance of the Block Style ST, Ken’s Focus will be the most “OEM+” of the three builds.

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  1. Frank Mattingly says:

    Ken, if you’re looking for a test mule for this project. I’m your man, along with my PB ST2. .

  2. osvaldo says:

    i love this car

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