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Published On November 20, 2012 | By Brad @ fifteen52 | Focus Block STyle, The Cars

As we hinted at earlier in the opening teaser, the Block STyle (see what we did there?) Focus is going to be the mildest of the three builds. With that being said, the truth is we see this build as perhaps the most challenging. With the other two cars we’ve got some pretty specific parameters and each build is designed to go far outside the original Focus ST mission statement. As such, with the TrackSTer and STanced builds we’re going to be fairly free from direct comparison’s to the stock Focus ST. But the Block STyle Focus is different.

Our goal here is to build upon all the awesomeness already present in the standard car, while at the same time making quantifiable improvements in overall performance and aesthetic qualities. And when all is said and done it’s got to put a smile on the face of Ken Block. See what we mean when we say this isn’t going to be a walk in the park for us and our project partners?

Luckily for us we’ve got Ford Racing solidly behind us with this build, and FR has had plenty of time to develop and test various Focus ST performance products aimed at their massive parts catalog. Some of the Ford Racing parts we’ll be using include height-adjustable coilovers, short shifter, cat-back exhaust, and several other goodies we’ll reveal over time.

As many of you already know by way of the wildly popular Gymkhana FOUR and FIVE videos, KB is a big fan of our fifteen52 line of wheels, so his Block STyle ST will be wearing a set of kicks picked specifically by him.

Mr. Block does everything with a sense of style, so naturally we have some pretty cool exterior styling plans for his Tangerine Scream Focus, and on the inside we’re going to do something extra-special for him.

We’ll be offering regular updates as we build KB’s Block STyle daily driver, so stay tuned – we’re sure you’ll find our adventures worth following.

– Project ST

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4 Responses to Block STyle: Build Intro

  1. Keven Soenen says:

    Awesome little car these are… Can’t wait to see your results!!! GO FURTHER!

  2. Nick mendoza says:

    Do you know why they don’t make the two doors in America they look so much better!

    • Ivan says:

      Sure, the Super Dutys are freakin awsomee trucks, but how are their claims facts if Ford’s half ton supposedly has a stronger frame than their quarter ton? By the way, Toyota has a good reputation for making good trucks, any vehicle that is made well will last very long with proper care. The Tacoma may have had frame rust issues because Dana didn’t properly coat them, but it’s made in America, and didn’t you say that trucks is what we do best? You don’t need to use racism when comparing trucks.

  3. Richard Ference says:

    Ford really needs to compete with some of the high performance imports ( 4 cylinder ) I know Ford can do it look at the Mustang. If Ford can do it with the Mustang they can do it with any small car. My son has the Red line Saturn and when it first came out it was the fastest car in its class.
    You know the 6 cylinder was always a inline 6 cylinder,then some one came up with V–6 why not have a V-64 with dual turbos?

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