Big Truck Comes To Fifteen52

Published On November 29, 2012 | By Brad @ fifteen52 | Events

*Though we’ve had/been working on our three Focus STs for a little while now, we figured you’d enjoy a behind-the-scenes peek at the day the cars arrived.

ST arrival day was a big event at fifteen52. After several weeks of working with Ford and Ken Block formulating a plan of action for the Project ST campaign, we were more than ready to receive our three cars.

We got a call from the truck driver letting us know he was on his way, and we made damn sure we were going to be around to meet him. We didn’t put much thought into how Ford would deliver three cars at once, but when we saw the spotless big rig rolling down our street in downtown LA, with its blue trailer reading “Built Ford Tough” in giant script, we were definitely impressed.

Unloading was a quick and painless affair, and for the most part the entire process consisted of rolling the cars out the back of the trailer, parking them on the side of the street, signing a little paperwork (no, we didn’t read any of it), and getting handed a bunch of keys. Before we knew it the driver was ready to leave.

“Um…do we tip him? Normally we tip any dude in a truck bringing us stuff.”

“**** yeah we’re tipping him – that nice guy just brought us three brand new Focus STs!”

So we tipped the driver and within moments he was gone, leaving us alone with our Tangerine Scream, Oxford White, and Performance Blue Focus ST project cars. Project ST was now truly official.

Let the fun begin.

For more pics see the gallery HERE

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